Get a tan


Here comes SUMMER and the need for a new swimsuit because you absolutely don’t have any cool ones in your wardrobe at the moment (or at least you could use an extra one). Plus, at this time of the year, great new brands start to pop-up on your screen and you can’t avoid  the H&M campaign featuring Beyoncé, it is basically EVERYWHERE! Well I didn’t have to do much efforts this year since I found two wonders from the H&M family, easy! The beautiful printed One-Piece is from & Other Stories (I’m still wondering what I would have done if they haven’t created this new concept store). Anyway, I love the cut on both sides, it’s really not the classic one-piece type, it’s fresh and modern. And you can even wear it as a top, it looks beautiful with a pair a jeans. The Two-Pieces is from H&M Water Collection which is supposed to help a good cause (25% of sales will be donated to H&M for WaterAid). But the only reason I bought it was because I loved the top which I found very different and original. The checkout assistant guy asked me if I knew what it meant the little tag saying “Water”. He told me I was doing a good thing for the planet but I doubt it when you see the price tag: 25% of 4,99 = What? Peanuts? Plus the impact on the planet to make H&M clothes + non ethical working conditions… etc etc etc. No really this is NOT why I’m buying it. I would rather buy Luz, a french brand with a real ethical mindset and great collection this summer, check it out!

deux pièce
Because I’ve spent a lot of time on the net (yes I’m a bit nerdy) and I found lots of cool stuff, here is my selection of swimwear for a perfect stylish summer:
(from up left to down right)



Wildfox for Asos

We are handsome

Nice Things

une pièce

I’ve always loved one-pieces, even so it’s not very handy for tanning, and this summer I love all the prints, very modern, flashy, sexy… everything you clearly WANT for the summer:
(from up left to down right)

We are handsome


Ted Baker for Asos





There are two brands you should follow this summer: A.T.G the cool Neon Neoprene swimsuits and We Are Handsome, freshness coming straight from Australia. Don’t you wanna look THAT gorgeous this summer?

We Are Handsome – The Discovery 2013 from We Are Handsome on Vimeo.

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