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You remember my cool workmate, Mathilde? The other day, we were both wearing a top with a funny message so I thought this could be an idea for a post. We had lots of fun shooting the pictures and I really enjoy those moments at work. It’s kind of a mini-break where it’s just us being ourself and having a good time. I’m really glad that I’ve met such great girls that help me every day making this exciting project coming true.

Mathilde is wearing a top from April, May. I am wearing a sweater from Monki and pair of jeans from Cheap Monday: I love them, very comfortable because they are stretch. The style is “high waist second skin”, there are the best!


– Sweat Awesome from Top Shop

– Top Bite Me from Wildfox

– Sweat Bitch from Takk

– Sweat LA Superbe from Sézane

– Sweat Team Paris from Misbhv

– Sweat The Touche Francaise from Late Paris

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