That was BEFORE


Jesse, American, and Céline, French, met on a train in 1995. There were young, foolish and they only had one night in Vienna before sunrise, before they would have to go separate ways. The first opus of this trilogy (“Before Sunrise”, 1995 – “Before Sunset”, 2003 – “Before Midnight”, 2013) is an ode to romanticism and makes you completely fall for it. Ethan Hawk is simply adorable with his little 90’s hair cut and nobody would have played the Frenchie better than Julie Delpy. In the end, you feel as strongly as the main characters that they will meet again in 6 months, at the exact same place, like they said they would (no address, no telephone number, absolutely romantic). Hopefully, the director, Richard Linklater, didn’t make us wait too long to find out what happens next: 10 years later, Jesse, married with a kid, has written a successful novel about that particular night. While on a tour around Europe of book signing, he makes an inevitable stop in Paris. Of course Céline, single-terrible love life-green activist,  is present in the library to greet him. One question: did they show up 10 years ago in Vienna like they promised to each other? It doesn’t really matter because they have the entire day, before sunset, to catch up on their lives and inevitably fall back in love. In 2013, Jesse and Céline are now in there 40’s and they love each other. But the central question has now changed: is love just enough when comes responsibilities, kids and jobs? In a beautiful setting somewhere in Greece, they will talk, talk, and talk because that’s what they do best, except that their dreams and hopes have faded and now only remains the reproaches, disgust and frustrations! Will their marriage survive before midnight? The funniest arguing scene with sarcasm at its best, the last opus of the trilogy is a must watched! (I spare you the two first one that are more suitable for romantic like me)

Marion and the jewels

DSC_0234 DSC_0239DSC_0245 DSC_0250 DSC_0254 DSC_0259b DSC_0274

You already know about Marion and her passion for jewels and little details that would transform any outfit into a colorful, happy ensemble. Last time she impressed me, once again, because her bracelets matched perfectly her necklaces. As well as her jacket that was in the exact same tone of her pants which, put all together, creates a beautiful fashion harmony. There is nothing to add, she is radiant. Now you can go through the links of all her findings and get your own piece of jewelry!

Outfit: Bomber – H&M
Pants – Zara
Shoes – Topshop

Jewels: Colliers tissu – Madame Melon
Collier Strass – H&M
Blesslev – Jacquie Aiche
Collier crystal – DIY

Bracelet doré – H&M
Bracelet crystal – Parfois
Bracelet corde – Bimba & Lola
Ruban acheté au portugal

La Fée Nature

DSC_0169 DSC_0264DSC_0175 DSC_0176DSC_0177 DSC_0180DSC_0161 DSC_0166 DSC_0182 DSC_0263Bag Yvonne Yvonne | The World of Bergère

In the chapter of healthy/bio/organic restaurant, there is one you shouldn’t miss if you are in the area of the 2ème arr. First of all, it is called “La Fée Nature” – how cute is that – and you kind of start to imagine all the little fairies flying around your head while you’re eating your Quinoa. The pies are a MUST and there are made with soya milk which makes it easy to digest (yeeeess I know some that would appreciate that little detail). Anyway it is the perfect place to have a healthy lunch break and to eat in a cosy atmosphere, the interior design is very colorful and joyful, makes you forget about your (hard) day at work and most of all, the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. Once you become a regular, you get your little card of the restaurant and every time you show up, you get a stamp that certifies that you just had a 100% organic meal. That sandwich at the bakery next door looks very very boring now!

La Fée Nature, 69 rue d’Argout, Paris 2ème

Gigi the green bag is on sale! Go get yours at Yvonne Yvonne

El Salvador

El Salvador | The World of BerEl Salvador | The World of Ber El Salvador | The World of Ber El Salvador | The World of Ber El Salvador | The World of Ber El Salvador | The World of Ber El Salvador | The World of Ber

Who said the 90’s were over? After the return of the crop top and sneakers platform, I heard that jeans overalls were back! No need to say more, the same day I was rushing to Kiliwatch to buy mine! And it doesn’t look like I’m repainting my apartment, does it? I know many people would say no to this trend – that you wish would never come back to light ever gain – but you’ll have to deal with it because it is everywhere this summer. You don’t need to put on a total look, you can play with any kind of theme. Mine is Mexican touch with a vintage blouse “El Salvador” that I found in Copenhagen: love it! These camel boots have aged, bought it 3 years ago in Monoprix but I still get compliments for it. My cute flower basket bought on ASOS last summer that I absolutely love because it gives that country touch and you can were it with everything. Here you can find my selection of playsuits and as you can see, you don’t have to wear only jeans, you can play with patterns and colors. You can find the best ones completely vintage in Espace Kilitwatch (64, rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2ème) So, are you going to fall for it?

Overall The World of Bergère

1. Jeans – Monki

2. Floral – ASOS

3. Square – Top Shop

4. Birds – ASOS

5. Jeans – Motel

6. Dots – River Island



I found out about Alexis and the Brainbow this year and I felt immediately captivated by the melody coupled with the flawless voice of the lead singer. Truth is, I met this guy before, when he was passing by the South, and he was already telling me how much music was important to him and he wouldn’t imagine his life without it. I am glad he didn’t give up on his dream, the result is more than satisfying. The band has formed in Lyon in 2012. Five mates coming from various music spheres: hip hop, electro, nothern soul, funk, afrobeat and pop. It must have been a good formula because rapidly they were invited on stage for their first gig. In February 2013, they were shining in the first part of Eugene McGuiness show. Then, it is just a succession of good luck. Selected to attend the Inrock Lab, they catched the attention of JD Beauvallet from the Inrocks magazine (you can read the article here). On top of that, they won the “Pression Live 2013” competition which aims to revel each year great new talents. An achievement since they will be performing, this fall, during the first part of a major interpret at the renowned music scene: L’Olympia (October 22)! There is no record, yet, but a movie clip is planned for the next autumn and you can listened to them (over and over again) on SoundCloud. ENJOY!