Five things

Five things I am very found of at the moment:


Since they first started showing off in the streets and on red carpets, I have been obsessing about Repossi earcuff. I think it is simply chic and very precious but at the same time it has a kind of punk attitude. The perfect jewelry at the moment.


When I was living in Copenhagen, I decided to try Smørrebrød, a typical Danish dish made of rye bread and any toppings you wish for, the most traditional one is herring (not everyone can bear it, I know). I am a big fan of this simple meal but it only tastes that good in Denmark. Can’t possibly find proper rye bread in France!


Last time I was checking out, there was a special article about good spots in the South of France and this picture caught my eyes immediately. Reminds me of my beloved south and make me nostalgic. Fortunately holidays are coming soon and I might check out this hotel: La Suite in Cassis.


I met the two wonderful creator of Angel Jackson, sisters Katie and Millie Smith,  during Tranoï fair in Paris and I instantly fell in love with their perfect little bags hand-made in Bali in the most ethical way. I would love to own one of this especially this model:  the Atomic Box bag. You can check this very interesting article on Nueluxe about Angel Jackson’s brand values.

fuji xe1

I don’t know if you have noticed lately but there has been a boom of numerical hybrid cameras which compete with the Reflex on quality and sizes. This one, Fujifilm X-E1 , is aesthetically perfect with its retro touch.

One thought on “Five things

  1. The smørebrod thing is true, it only taste good in Denmark. But only when you are far far away you start to apreciate it

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