Neo Bento

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In Le Marais, Bento places are flourishing everywhere. Bento in Japanese is a kind of quick meal in a box you prepared at home, it’s your lunch box basically. Except that in Le Marais, a simple idea can become rapidly a serious trend. It is the only neighborhood where you can find a crêperie which is busy like the most popular restaurant in town. Anyway, I’ve tried few Bento now and one of my favorites is from Neo Bento. The cosy/welcoming atmosphere makes you feel comfortable and the staff is very friendly. They would repeat hundred times if you still haven’t understood the concept of the portions. It can be confusing, I mean so much (good) food for 12 euros? Wonferful! In the box you have 3 starters, one hot meal made of meat/fish/tofu with a side dish and a desert. Everything is freshly made and delicious and you get a free cup of tea. When you get out of there, you feel completely satisfied, not full but rested, and your body thanks you for eating so healthy for once! Oh and this is my friend, Camille, we met in Rome and followed each other back to Paris. She is wearing a top from Sandro and feels extremely nervous about the camera (it can be very annoying)! She promised me an entire shooting so you might see her again soon.

Neo Bento, 5 rue des Filles du Calvaire, Paris 3ème

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