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This is Manon. I love that name, it is full of meaning for us coming from the South. “Manon des Sources”, famous French movie of the late 80’s and novel from Marcel Pagnol, among other things! But for me it is essentially “Manon” the song of Serge Gainsbourg which, I agree, is one dark and creepy melody but still one of my favorites. It is funny because there is a little sum up on Wikipedia about the name Manon and now I just found out that it is a creamy Belgian pastry, a mineral water, a wine rosé, a kind of potatoes, and a song of Christophe Maé: THAT should remain secret! Anyway, I met this girl this year, in Paris and she is the kind of person you wish to meet when you just moved in a new city and started a new job. First of all, she has southern blood so she completely understands the concept of “apéro” and a single zip of  rosé would instantly make her smile and talk looooud like she was back home. She is my opposite in terms of personality (maybe because I am still a child and she has found a more mature way to deal with situations) but we share the same curiosity for art and culture in general which has been rare for me to find lately. She is a bit uncomfortable with me taking her picture (I think she hated me that day) but I wouldn’t imagine my blog without her presence! She is one of the person that made this project alive and I thank her for that. She is wearing a tropical top from Monki, jacket from April, May, white sneakers with platform from No Name (yes that brand still exists!) and her brand new awesome bag from Yvonne Yvonne. Jewels – bracelets GAS, Baan, Chanael K, and rings 5 octobre.

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