I found out about Alexis and the Brainbow this year and I felt immediately captivated by the melody coupled with the flawless voice of the lead singer. Truth is, I met this guy before, when he was passing by the South, and he was already telling me how much music was important to him and he wouldn’t imagine his life without it. I am glad he didn’t give up on his dream, the result is more than satisfying. The band has formed in Lyon in 2012. Five mates coming from various music spheres: hip hop, electro, nothern soul, funk, afrobeat and pop. It must have been a good formula because rapidly they were invited on stage for their first gig. In February 2013, they were shining in the first part of Eugene McGuiness show. Then, it is just a succession of good luck. Selected to attend the Inrock Lab, they catched the attention of JD Beauvallet from the Inrocks magazine (you can read the article here). On top of that, they won the “Pression Live 2013” competition which aims to revel each year great new talents. An achievement since they will be performing, this fall, during the first part of a major interpret at the renowned music scene: L’Olympia (October 22)! There is no record, yet, but a movie clip is planned for the next autumn and you can listened to them (over and over again) on SoundCloud. ENJOY!

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