That was BEFORE


Jesse, American, and Céline, French, met on a train in 1995. There were young, foolish and they only had one night in Vienna before sunrise, before they would have to go separate ways. The first opus of this trilogy (“Before Sunrise”, 1995 – “Before Sunset”, 2003 – “Before Midnight”, 2013) is an ode to romanticism and makes you completely fall for it. Ethan Hawk is simply adorable with his little 90’s hair cut and nobody would have played the Frenchie better than Julie Delpy. In the end, you feel as strongly as the main characters that they will meet again in 6 months, at the exact same place, like they said they would (no address, no telephone number, absolutely romantic). Hopefully, the director, Richard Linklater, didn’t make us wait too long to find out what happens next: 10 years later, Jesse, married with a kid, has written a successful novel about that particular night. While on a tour around Europe of book signing, he makes an inevitable stop in Paris. Of course Céline, single-terrible love life-green activist,  is present in the library to greet him. One question: did they show up 10 years ago in Vienna like they promised to each other? It doesn’t really matter because they have the entire day, before sunset, to catch up on their lives and inevitably fall back in love. In 2013, Jesse and Céline are now in there 40’s and they love each other. But the central question has now changed: is love just enough when comes responsibilities, kids and jobs? In a beautiful setting somewhere in Greece, they will talk, talk, and talk because that’s what they do best, except that their dreams and hopes have faded and now only remains the reproaches, disgust and frustrations! Will their marriage survive before midnight? The funniest arguing scene with sarcasm at its best, the last opus of the trilogy is a must watched! (I spare you the two first one that are more suitable for romantic like me)

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