Un Giorno Speciale

Un giorno speciale | The World of Bergère

They are young and full of hopes. Gina wants to become an actrice and today she is meeting with a politician, friend of the family, that should give a little push to her career. Marco has been sent to drive her, It is his first day of work and he is over excited about it. They are going to spend the day, driving from the suburbs of Rome to the historical centre, to get to know each other, share their dreams and fall in love.  But the meeting, that has been postponed all day, is finally happening. The reality catch them up when they realize the real price to glory. Then, from their innocent youth, they will fall into adulthood maybe a little too soon…

Field trip


This is Alexandre and Kruti. They met in Bombay but share very different stories. Alex grew up in the Parisian suburbs where he started early as a hairdresser for Toni & Guy. Later, he decided to migrate to the Mediterranean (beautiful) coast where we met. He lived there for 2 years and (after (too) many “apero”) we became close friends. We decided to leave the city of Aix-en-Provence almost at the same time except that he went East, to India, and I moved North, to Denmark. We haven’t seen each other for three years but kept very close in touch. Luckily, few months ago, he took a holiday to France and we finally got to meet in Paris! He brought a friend along from Bombay with him. Kruti is a tattoo artist. After graduating from college, she met Kevin, a successful local tattoo artist and started as her apprentice where she learned the techniques of drawing and tattooing. Funny fact, they got married and he started to draw on her arm a beautiful tattoo, approximately two years ago, to cover a font she did when she was 18 (ah, teenage mistakes!). The tattoo on her arm represents Radha and Krishna (an Indian god) and his lover. Radha was devoted to Krishna even though she couldn’t be his! Kruti: “It’s all about love and devotion and this is how I feel towards my husband.” On her abdomen you can see a funny monkey! Kruti: “People will always laugh looking at it even when we are old! I am a monkey and I found my banana! That’s what the tattoo says!” Now Kruti and Kevin tattoo together at their studio in Bombay and I couldn’t resist to ask her to do mine. I’ll post a picture soon! Alex is now hairstyle director for Buigine Studios in Bombay and realizes multiple hairstyle for fashion shootings there. I hope to visit both of them in India soon!

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Crop crop !

The World of BergèreDSC_0206 The World of BergèreDSC_0218b The World of Bergère The World of BergèreDSC_0265 DSC_0005

We are back in front of La Fée Nature which I talked to you about previously here. Just to show you my great findings from Zara during the sales period in Paris. When we took those pictures (end of June), it was JUST starting to feel summerish in the capital city and I couldn’t resist to undress in the streets and show my belly (you know I am obsessed!) to everybody in this cute cropped jacquard white top. Good news, the crop top is still in the spotlights of fashion next season! They have another great one right now at Zara actually. Do you do crop?