Fall playlist

Arctic Monkeys

This British band have been transporting us since 2005 and they are back for our own pleasure and satisfaction with a new vibrant record “That’s What I’m Not” from which you’re already singing on and on “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”




You remember Oracular Spectacular? Everybody had it in his iTunes library and knew absolutely every song of that record. This was 2007. The two singers, originally Arts school students from Connecticut, signed a fresh, new record just to remind us that there are not “Kids” anymore.



London Grammar

The British trio released their first album “If You Wait” this year which spread fast all the way to Australia and we are already enchanted by the big-voice of the lead singer, Hannah Reid. Band to follow.




There is nothing more to add about “The three sisters from California” that haven’t been said yet. Joyful, energetic and pure pop: a perfect first album to listen in the morning to start your day in a great mood.



Natas Loves You

I discovered that French band in one of the many bars of Paris and found out with pleasure that they were already well implanted on the French musical scene. I missed their gig last week at Gaieté Lyrique so hopefully there will be many more to come.



Stars and Rabbit

Enchanting sound from Indonesia, I am glad somebody made me discover that talented young artist. It is not so often that we get to listen to music from that part of the world. And it actually transports you one way to Bali! Exotic. Check here for more sound from Indonesia.

stars and rabbit

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