Marion and the jewels #2

MarionMarionMarion MarionMarion

Remember Marion? We haven’t seen each other for a while so when we decided to meet, it would be at our favorite lunch place, La Fée Nature, for sure! This time again she was wearing matching and delicate pieces of jewellery. I immediately noticed the chain-kind-of-ring at her right hand that she actually made herself (go for it girls, it’s easy!). She had her usual set of rings from Etsy (Modern Chromatic, Bellaflor, Letters Earring), the black stone ring is a Nathalie Dumeix, the turquoise ring (also called chrysoprase) and thin gold bracelet are from Saïki jewellery shop in Paris 2Eme. Plus I love her earring from Asos, simple but original. Doesn’t she look radiant?

Make a statement

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This is my first winter street style and I have to say that it is much harder for me to dress when it’s cold. I absolutely hate layers and other turtle neck, makes me feel completely trapped, I can’t breathe with that thing! Anyway as you can see I am not wearing much and my ankle are even sockless, not very cosy when it’s cold especially now in Paris but it is not my fault if fashion has suddenly decided that pants should be shorter! I bought this cool jean overall at Monki together with the black & white crop sweater that actually brought me much comments from people: YES/NO you know… big hesitation! But I decided that this year must be the one of ACTION! No hesitation anymore, just do it, make a statement! So I am wearing that big gold chain necklace bought at Asos I absolutely fall in love with because it is the perfect size! “Statement necklace”. The fake sheep lookking coat is from H&M and again, big crush. I visited all H&M in Paris to find the right size with the right color. Freak? When I want something… I get it right! Just like this cute bag of the French brand My Suelly. A girl was selling it on a fair for a very interesting price. But I had no money whatsoever at that time. But didn’t want to give away that opportunity so I asked her number and as soon as I got the money, called her back and it was MINE! Determination! #fashionfreak. Finally the New Balance sneakers I found in Maastricht last week, there were on Sale and well I don’t have a pair so I needed one right? Plus the brand has a “endorsed by no one” policy, they want their shoes to be recognized for their quality and not by this special someone wearing it.  Good point. We did this photo shoot with Marion, we had much fun as always with her. I missed those good times… even though it was raining like hell! Looking forward SPRING again!

Coat: H&M – Jumpsuit: Monki – Sweater: Monki – Sneakers: New Balance – Bag: My Suelly – Necklace: Asos

Photos by Marion Toussaint

#Shared with love


Hello, I’m back! I haven’t posted since last October… shameful! But I found out with great pleasure that people were missing it and asked me how it was going and it encouraged me to get back to it. So this is me again, stronger than ever, focused and determined to make 2014 a year to remember!

This week, I took a trip to Maastricht to visit a good friend of mine I met in Copenhagen. We haven’t seen each other in a year! Long distance friendship… not easy! But this time my friend was launching a very special event and I wanted to be there for the occasion. Her name is Greta, she is Italian with German mother tongue, a good combination of Mediterranean exotic vibes and central European style. She speaks 4 languages fluently and can convince anybody to do something just by smiling to them. Power smile (smile more often #resolution2014)! Anyway, she is living in Maastricht for now, cute little city in the South of Holland, right in between Belgium and Germany, very international student place and apparently the right one to start a company. During her studies of Entrepreneurship, she decided it was time to make everything she learned into practice and take action (more action #resolution2014). She combined her passion for beautiful jewellery and networking because there isn’t a thing that keeps her for NOT talking to people, she’s a natural (more networking #resolution2014). She managed to get surrounded by generous and open minded people and convinced them (with power smile) to follow her idea. This is how, last month, she launched her fist event in a Maastricht jewellery shop, Clio, which owner is one of the most kind and funny person I’ve met. Mutual benefits from each part: she needs a venue, he could use new customers. Girls attended the event, she likes to call them – “the Circle of Brilliance”, and inevitably started networking and buying jewellery pieces. Because let’s be honest, talking and shopping are two things we girls all love. The idea is a concept of sharing and gathering together once in a while to network (because we are all entrepreneurial minded of course). Once you’ve purchased a piece, you are able to exchange it up to three times at the shop during the organized events to try a new one. This is a trial version. The actual one would take place on line, with carefully selected young talented unknown designers to be sold on the platform. Once you’re a member, you can chose a piece, receive it at home, and if you want to exchange it at any time you are able to do it by sending it back. On the other end, if you love this piece so much, you can also purchase it. A concept of shared platform -“Joyelle shared with love”- enables you to try new pieces often and share your experience with others. What a great idea ! I can’t wait to try it. In the meantime, you can still attend the “last” event that will take place on Thursday, Feb 13th at Clio jewellery shop – Sint Amorsplein 11, Maastricht and have the chance to chat with this amazing, visionary woman and get a clearer idea of what Joyelle means to her. (below: Cafe Zondag) Jewels: 5 octobre, Isabel Marant, Gem Kingdom, Gabriel Guevara

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