Five things #2

Five things I really love right now: emma-watson-headshot

At the last Golden Globes Awards, we’ve seen Emma Watson on the red carpet wearing an astonishing backless red dress from Dior. But what really caught my eyes was her “discreet” Dior pearl earring, also known as “the lone lob” earring. I absolutely love that simple piece of jewelery. Paula Cademartori

Over the last two fashion weeks, fashionistas have been carrying the Paula Cademartori colorful bags and it didn’t go unnoticed! In fact, there is a true originality in each pieces with unique color assemblage. The designer has been studying in Brasil and now lives in Italy, now I understand where the exoticism come from.

Each season, Prada amazes me with more original advertising campaign. It is one thing to print ad in the magazines and make it visually artistic, but the brand also masters the new media and has a strong digital presence using as main support, YouTube. Here you can see the colorfulness of their Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaign. It’s powerful and catching attention, perfect combination to make people want to share your content on social media. quinoa-chia-porridge-with-stone-fruit04

Recently I have changed my eating habits (because winter killed me) and became aware of new ingredients beneficial for me that you don’t find in “traditional” food. I’ve started looking for vegetarian recipes and I found this amazing blog : Tales of a Kitchen is the kind of digital place where you want to spend each of your meals and ask Chris to teach you how to cook like him (or just move to Australia). It looks so healthy and tasty. It is full of flavors, colors, original addition of ingredients and basically everything to make you feel powerful and fit. No the vegetarians are not sad and boring people!

4 - close distance, 2002 anders petersen

Anders Petersen is THE photographer of the year. Born in Sweden in 1944, he became well known with the photographic story Café Lehmitz (1975) and kept on the successful path. He won four prices including best photographer of the year in 2003 at Les Rencontres d’Arles. I went to see his exhibition at BnF in Paris this year and I had a huge crush on his work.

Band generation

Blouse – Imperium

The Portland based band members Charlie Hilton, Jacob Portrait and Patrick Adams, formed Blouse in 2011 and just released their first album, Imperium. I discovered them while they were on a European tour with Wampire (see below) and I was in Copenhagen, at Loppen music venue, one of my favorite. Very good and unexpected musical discovery.

Hypnolove – Ghost Carnival

The famous trio – Thierry Moreira, Nicolas Sentenac and Henning Specht – that are forming Hypnolove brought us some sun from South of France with their new disco pop album, Ghost Carnival, (“Winter in the Sun” is an absolute delight) and resurfaced the happy vibes from the time when all they wanted was to dance with “Mademoiselle”.


Lilly Wood and the Prick – The Flight

You already know “Hey, it’s OK” and all of the other songs of their first album, Invicible Friends. Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto (Lilly Wood and the Prick), the cool French duo, are back this year with brand new folk pop songs to listen in the morning and start the day in a great mood (while it’s raining outside, but we ignore it!).


Soniamiki – SNMK

I read about that Polish band in the Inrocks magazine and it is with great pleasure that I introduce Soniamiki in my blog, as not so many east European musicians are mentioned nowadays in the pop electro scene.


Metronomy – Love Letters

Metronomy (Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan) are British. Two years ago, they made us swing on the “English Riviera” and it felt so good! Now they are coming back big time with two tracks already hits, “I’m Aquarius” and “Love Letters” (you know THAT video directed by Michel Gondry) and we are so impatient to get the entire album for the summer. Where are they taking us this time?


Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Baio, and Chris Tomson formed Vampire Weekend in 2006 while attending Columbia University. (source Facebook) With their 2 millions something followers on Facebook, there is little more to add to introduce the NYC based band, just listen to their new album “Modern Vampires of the City”, it will bring happy vibes to your rainy everyday (it is TODAY!)

Vampire Weekend (2)

Wampire – Curiosity

Eric Phipps, Rocky Tinder, Cole Browning, Kevin Rafn and Andrew Meininger are forming Wampire, another cool band coming from Portland. I discovered them at the same time as Blouse as they were having a European tour hand in hand and I immediately fell transported by their universe, 80’s revival and kitch outfit.


The day before departure

IMG_0828 About a week ago, one of my BFF – which I met 4 years ago in our beloved little town in the South of France, also known as Aix-en-Provence – left our rainy-cold-in-crisis European country to fly to what you might call: OZ, Down Under, paradise, and most of all a wealthy continent: Australia! It was a spontaneous decision made when she graduated from University last September. She just reached a point in her life where she was craving for adventures and curious about the outside world, outside EU, to meet other people and experience different culture. Well done, Australia is MILES AWAY and my mornings are her evenings. You can imagine how faaaar she left! She landed in Melbourne, after a 12 hours connection in Hô Chi Minh where she was not allowed to leave the airport (ok we are lucky to have Schengen), where the average temperature is now approximately 29 degrees. I am NOT jealous at all! I just got back from Berlin where it was freezing, and I arrived in Paris where it was (still) raining. Summer is far away. Just like Maé. So if you’re wondering if she is all alone in a foreign land, not exactly. She convinced (easily) her super-comprehensive-open-minded BF to join her trip. Could this be any more perfect? No EU crisis, no political mess… just living in the SUN, on the BEACH, with lots of LOVE. But no to worry, I will also be graduated soon and I am planning to invade their little paradise and share a piece of the happy cake! We took these pictures in the street of Paris, where they spend few days just before departure. They look absolutely in love (and they are), happy and serene, ready to leave everything behind (and Maé had TONES of clothes) and start something new. Good for them, showing the good example: enjoy life, live spontaneously and have no regrets. Our Planet is beautiful and full of opportunities; don’t get stuck in a place where you feel miserable every day. Make a change. #CHANGE2014 IMG_0786(2)IMG_0792IMG_0794IMG_0799IMG_0811IMG_0832(2)IMG_0846IMG_0856The Day Before Departure | The World of BergèreIMG_0876IMG_0882IMG_0883IMG_0896IMG_0893IMG_0913IMG_0908

Blue top: COS – Pink t-shirt: American Apparel – Watch: Swatch – Silver bracelet: Ayumi jewellery