“Good morning Theodore!”

her_5085073 HER her-olivia-wilde “It’s a kind of form of socially acceptable insanity” – Her

Speechless. I felt so many different feelings while seating in my favorite dark room tonight. I already knew from friends’ feedback that it was a must watch but I didn’t know exactly how I would react to this unusual scenario. The movie takes place in a “looking-like-Shangai” Los Angeles setting with a majestic skyline and what seems to be a dense frog. Ok so the future will be polluted. What else? Oh, right, the clothes and the style in general. Very strange choice of Spike Jonze to dress the characters very old fashion, kind of throwback to the 70’s with lots of colors but in a monotonous way. Everybody is just dressed the same. No fashion in the future then. The furniture is not futuristic at all (good point) but rather minimalistic beautiful vintage. They don’t need much, just a bed and a computer. Actually they don’t even need a computer anymore because they have a little earplug constantly stuck in their ears (how annoying) that give them everything they need: weather forecast, emails reading, breaking news etc. and everybody just seems ISOLATED. Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) has been antisocial for so long that he’s having sex phone with strangers when he can’t sleep and when he finally goes on an actual date with the gorgeous, cat-eyes, Olivia Wilde, he bails on her. What a creep! But a very sensitive one… he’s a writer; he writes beautiful letters and touches everybody around him. But he’s alone (divorced from beautiful, again, Rooney Mara) and he can’t get emotionally involved. One day, he meets Samantha, an Operating System first generation, and she seems to be exactly what he’s been looking for. Somebody to talk to. And who wouldn’t like to talk to Scarlett Johansson’s sexy voice? That “relationship” is pleasant, fun, physically unattached, and wide open. You would think the perfect one. But, like in any relationships, it gets complicated… An absolute must watch movie with brilliant actors and amazing performance of Joaquin Phoenix. You get so intimate with the main characters that you don’t even realize that Samantha is an actual computer anymore. She’s real. So real…

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