Body chain obsession

vintagemadebyducky  Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère vintagemadebyducky2 Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère  Body chain obsession | The World of Bergère

Apparently it has been trendy for few years already but I’ve never seen anybody wearing it. Cross body chain and other necklaces for the body completely obsess me. Ok it looks slightly R’n’B diva queenish and it fits perfectly to Rihanna and Beyonce but I think that if you wear it properly it could just look sexy and not trashy at all. Chose the right style for you, discrete or bling, simple chain or double, or a bit bohemian like the ones of Vanessa Mooney. You can find multiple ones on Etsy (and give credit to  independent designers) like Urban Eco Beauty, Vintage made by Ducky or Fleur de Peau. My favorites are the ones that you can wear in the back (2) and on the forearm (3). Perfect for a gypsy summer!


Apparemment cela fait déjà plusieurs saisons que c’est tendance mais je n’ai jamais vu personne en porter. La chaîne de ventre et autres colliers pour le corps est mon obsession du moment. Ok ça donne un peu un style de diva de R’n’B et Rihanna et Beyonce l’exhibent à la perfection mais je pense que porté dans “les règles de l’art” ça fait plutôt sexy que vulgaire. Choisissez un modèle qui vous ressemble, plutôt discret, bling-bling, une chaine toute simple ou à double rangs ou bien style bohémien comme celles de Vanessa Mooney. Vous pouvez en trouver pleins sur Etsy (et rendre hommage aux créateurs indépendants) comme Urban Eco Beauty, Vintage made by Ducky ou Fleur de Peau. Personnellement j’adore celle qui se porte dans le dos (2) et sur les avant-bras (3). Parfait pour un été gypsy!

1. Vintage made by Ducky on Etsy – 2. Vanessa Mooney – 3. Vanessa Mooney – 4. Chanel FW14 – 5. unknown – 6. Miley Cirus – 7. Vanessa Money – 8. Vanessa Money – 9. Vintage made by Ducky on Etsy – 10. Element 7 – 11. The Bonista – 12. Beyonce for GQ – 13. Rihanna

Pink and cropped

The World of Bergère

When I laid my eyes on this top from Zara I fell instantly in ❤ ! Yes that’s what it’s like to be a fashion freak ! You get so superficial sometimes and create needs from absolutely nothing but a piece of clothing ! But even so I love fashion, I am conscious of the reality of the business. Truth is, I have been “avoiding” fast fashion brands (it doesn’t look like it I know) lately and I am always looking where the garment was made. It is my way of being “conscious” of who made my clothes. Last year on April, 24th, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh and destroyed the life of many happy families. “Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue. Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.” Please take a minute to watch this interactive documentary: “The shirt on your back“. I am not saying I am a good example but I try to be aware of the consequences of my buying habits and I am willing to make things improve.

I am still wearing my beloved MySuelly bag that I found during another Violette Sauvage event (don’t miss the next one on May, 3rd at Carreau du Temple, it’s gonna be HUGE) and I’m actually amazed with their new collection which is perfection! I found my necklace at Zara as well which reminds me a lot of the Chanel so much better and unfordable version. My socks are pink to match my top because pink is THE color of the year, remember?

Jacket Zara – Top Zara – Jeans Jamie Topshop – Sneakers 574 New Balance – Bag MySuelly – Necklace Zara

The World of Bergère The World of BergèreThe World of Bergère The World of BergèreThe World of Bergère The World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of BergèreThe World of Bergère

Lorsque j’ai posé mes yeux sur ce haut chez Zara, je suis tout de suite tombée en amour! Oui c’est à ça que ressemble la vie d’une vraie fashion freak! Tu deviens soudain très superficielle et tu te crées des besoins à partir d’un simple vêtement! Mais bien que j’aime la mode passionnément, je suis consciente de la réalité de cette industrie. A dire vraie j’essaye d’éviter les marques de fast fashion ces derniers temps (je sais on ne dirait pas) et je regarde toujours où l’article a été fabriqué. C’est ma façon d’être “consciente” d’où viennent mes vêtements. Il y a un an, le 24 avril, l’usine Rana Plaza au Bangladesh s’est effondrée et a laissé de nombreuses familles détruites. Les catastrophes sociales et environnementales liées aux chaines de production de textile continuent de se produire. Fashion Revolution Day dit assez! Prenez quelques minutes pour regarder ce documentaire interactif: “The shirt on your back“. Je ne prétends pas être un bon exemple mais j’essaye de me tenir informer sur les conséquences de mes habitudes d’achat et je suis motivée à faire évoluer les choses.

Je porte toujours mon sac fétiche de la marque MySuelly déniché lors d’un évènement Violette Sauvage (ne manquez surtout pas le prochain qui aura lieu le 3 mai au Carreau du temple, ça va être gigantesque) et je suis d’ailleurs émerveillée par leur nouvelle collection qui est tout simplement parfaite! Mon collier vient aussi de chez Zara et me fait penser à celui beaucoup plus beau et inaccessible vu sur le défilé Chanel de cet été. Mes chaussettes roses sont assorties à mon haut car c’est bel et bien LA couleur du moment, remember?

Veste Zara – Top Zara – Jeans Jamie Topshop – Baskets 574 New Balance – Sac MySuelly – Collier Zara

Merci à Camille pour les photos ❤

Five things #2

Five things I really love right now: emma-watson-headshot

At the last Golden Globes Awards, we’ve seen Emma Watson on the red carpet wearing an astonishing backless red dress from Dior. But what really caught my eyes was her “discreet” Dior pearl earring, also known as “the lone lob” earring. I absolutely love that simple piece of jewelery. Paula Cademartori

Over the last two fashion weeks, fashionistas have been carrying the Paula Cademartori colorful bags and it didn’t go unnoticed! In fact, there is a true originality in each pieces with unique color assemblage. The designer has been studying in Brasil and now lives in Italy, now I understand where the exoticism come from.

Each season, Prada amazes me with more original advertising campaign. It is one thing to print ad in the magazines and make it visually artistic, but the brand also masters the new media and has a strong digital presence using as main support, YouTube. Here you can see the colorfulness of their Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaign. It’s powerful and catching attention, perfect combination to make people want to share your content on social media. quinoa-chia-porridge-with-stone-fruit04

Recently I have changed my eating habits (because winter killed me) and became aware of new ingredients beneficial for me that you don’t find in “traditional” food. I’ve started looking for vegetarian recipes and I found this amazing blog : Tales of a Kitchen is the kind of digital place where you want to spend each of your meals and ask Chris to teach you how to cook like him (or just move to Australia). It looks so healthy and tasty. It is full of flavors, colors, original addition of ingredients and basically everything to make you feel powerful and fit. No the vegetarians are not sad and boring people!

4 - close distance, 2002 anders petersen

Anders Petersen is THE photographer of the year. Born in Sweden in 1944, he became well known with the photographic story Café Lehmitz (1975) and kept on the successful path. He won four prices including best photographer of the year in 2003 at Les Rencontres d’Arles. I went to see his exhibition at BnF in Paris this year and I had a huge crush on his work.

The day before departure

IMG_0828 About a week ago, one of my BFF – which I met 4 years ago in our beloved little town in the South of France, also known as Aix-en-Provence – left our rainy-cold-in-crisis European country to fly to what you might call: OZ, Down Under, paradise, and most of all a wealthy continent: Australia! It was a spontaneous decision made when she graduated from University last September. She just reached a point in her life where she was craving for adventures and curious about the outside world, outside EU, to meet other people and experience different culture. Well done, Australia is MILES AWAY and my mornings are her evenings. You can imagine how faaaar she left! She landed in Melbourne, after a 12 hours connection in Hô Chi Minh where she was not allowed to leave the airport (ok we are lucky to have Schengen), where the average temperature is now approximately 29 degrees. I am NOT jealous at all! I just got back from Berlin where it was freezing, and I arrived in Paris where it was (still) raining. Summer is far away. Just like Maé. So if you’re wondering if she is all alone in a foreign land, not exactly. She convinced (easily) her super-comprehensive-open-minded BF to join her trip. Could this be any more perfect? No EU crisis, no political mess… just living in the SUN, on the BEACH, with lots of LOVE. But no to worry, I will also be graduated soon and I am planning to invade their little paradise and share a piece of the happy cake! We took these pictures in the street of Paris, where they spend few days just before departure. They look absolutely in love (and they are), happy and serene, ready to leave everything behind (and Maé had TONES of clothes) and start something new. Good for them, showing the good example: enjoy life, live spontaneously and have no regrets. Our Planet is beautiful and full of opportunities; don’t get stuck in a place where you feel miserable every day. Make a change. #CHANGE2014 IMG_0786(2)IMG_0792IMG_0794IMG_0799IMG_0811IMG_0832(2)IMG_0846IMG_0856The Day Before Departure | The World of BergèreIMG_0876IMG_0882IMG_0883IMG_0896IMG_0893IMG_0913IMG_0908

Blue top: COS – Pink t-shirt: American Apparel – Watch: Swatch – Silver bracelet: Ayumi jewellery

Marion and the jewels #2

MarionMarionMarion MarionMarion

Remember Marion? We haven’t seen each other for a while so when we decided to meet, it would be at our favorite lunch place, La Fée Nature, for sure! This time again she was wearing matching and delicate pieces of jewellery. I immediately noticed the chain-kind-of-ring at her right hand that she actually made herself (go for it girls, it’s easy!). She had her usual set of rings from Etsy (Modern Chromatic, Bellaflor, Letters Earring), the black stone ring is a Nathalie Dumeix, the turquoise ring (also called chrysoprase) and thin gold bracelet are from Saïki jewellery shop in Paris 2Eme. Plus I love her earring from Asos, simple but original. Doesn’t she look radiant?

#Shared with love


Hello, I’m back! I haven’t posted since last October… shameful! But I found out with great pleasure that people were missing it and asked me how it was going and it encouraged me to get back to it. So this is me again, stronger than ever, focused and determined to make 2014 a year to remember!

This week, I took a trip to Maastricht to visit a good friend of mine I met in Copenhagen. We haven’t seen each other in a year! Long distance friendship… not easy! But this time my friend was launching a very special event and I wanted to be there for the occasion. Her name is Greta, she is Italian with German mother tongue, a good combination of Mediterranean exotic vibes and central European style. She speaks 4 languages fluently and can convince anybody to do something just by smiling to them. Power smile (smile more often #resolution2014)! Anyway, she is living in Maastricht for now, cute little city in the South of Holland, right in between Belgium and Germany, very international student place and apparently the right one to start a company. During her studies of Entrepreneurship, she decided it was time to make everything she learned into practice and take action (more action #resolution2014). She combined her passion for beautiful jewellery and networking because there isn’t a thing that keeps her for NOT talking to people, she’s a natural (more networking #resolution2014). She managed to get surrounded by generous and open minded people and convinced them (with power smile) to follow her idea. This is how, last month, she launched her fist event in a Maastricht jewellery shop, Clio, which owner is one of the most kind and funny person I’ve met. Mutual benefits from each part: she needs a venue, he could use new customers. Girls attended the event, she likes to call them – “the Circle of Brilliance”, and inevitably started networking and buying jewellery pieces. Because let’s be honest, talking and shopping are two things we girls all love. The idea is a concept of sharing and gathering together once in a while to network (because we are all entrepreneurial minded of course). Once you’ve purchased a piece, you are able to exchange it up to three times at the shop during the organized events to try a new one. This is a trial version. The actual one would take place on line, with carefully selected young talented unknown designers to be sold on the platform. Once you’re a member, you can chose a piece, receive it at home, and if you want to exchange it at any time you are able to do it by sending it back. On the other end, if you love this piece so much, you can also purchase it. A concept of shared platform -“Joyelle shared with love”- enables you to try new pieces often and share your experience with others. What a great idea ! I can’t wait to try it. In the meantime, you can still attend the “last” event that will take place on Thursday, Feb 13th at Clio jewellery shop – Sint Amorsplein 11, Maastricht and have the chance to chat with this amazing, visionary woman and get a clearer idea of what Joyelle means to her. (below: Cafe Zondag) Jewels: 5 octobre, Isabel Marant, Gem Kingdom, Gabriel Guevara

IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0452IMG_0453 IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0475 IMG_0477 IMG_0478IMG_0458 IMG_0481 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0490 IMG_0494 IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0506 IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0512 IMG_0514 IMG_0521 IMG_0522 IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0539 IMG_0541 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0547 IMG_0552Magical earrings IMG_0554 IMG_0557

Nathalie’s ear cuff


Lorsqu’il faisait encore beau à Paris (une époque révolue si j’en crois la pluie battante de cette journée automnale anticipée), je suis passée rendre visite à Nathalie à la boutique du Marais où elle est actuellement responsable. Une belle rencontre parisienne liée à mon précédent stage. Nathalie est française mais d’origine suédoise, d’où son blond naturellement éclatant et son teint diaphane. Elle aime la mode mais surtout les belles choses. Ici elle porte un haut brodé April, May, une jupe Carven et une paire de ballerines Repetto très originales qui rappellent aux amateurs de vin le liège des bouchons (si souvent ôtés lors de nos (nombreux) apéros). Mais ce qui m’a surtout plu ce jour-là c’était sa petite boucle d’oreille, style “earcuff” (la tendance incontournable), discrète mais si raffinée, signée Jacquie Aique, et sa tresse (on appelle ça une « fishtail ») qui lui donnait des airs de « little mermaid ». (A présent il fait si sombre dans mon appartement que je m’éclaire à la bougie (parfumée) et j’essaye d’imaginer que non, il ne pleut pas des cordes et ma journée n’est pas foutue !) Ah elle était belle cette journée d’été…

DSC_0161 DSC_0162 DSC_0165 DSC_0171 DSC_0175 DSC_0177DSC_0181 DSC_0186 DSC_0190DSC_0194 DSC_0196DSC_0198

When it was still summer time in Paris (I believe now it is just a dream when I see the awful weather outside), I went by the little shop where Nathalie is responsible for in le Marais. A pleasant friendship born during my previous internship. Nathalie is French but she has Swedish origins, you can see it from her perfectly blond hair and very light skin. She likes fashion but most of all, beautiful things. Here she is wearing a top from April, May, a Carven skirt and a pair of ballerina Repetto very original that reminds me of the cork used for wine bottles. But what really caught my eyes that day was her tinny but sophisticated earring, from Jacquie Aiche, a sort of ear cuff that is totally THE trend right now. She also had a beautiful braid, a fishtail that made her look like the “little mermaid”. (Now it is so dark in my apartment that I lighted on some scented candles and I’m trying to imagine that no, it is not pouring like hell outside and my day is not waisted!) Ha, it was a beautiful day of summer…