We love green 2014

We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère

Camille and I went to We love green festival in Paris Bagatelle park. It was on June 1st already… I really appreciated all their sustainable efforts and green initiatives – it reminded me of previous events I attended in Denmark or Norway – recycled furniture, green energy, water fountains, local and organic catering and of course, sorted waste. Even the bathrooms were sustainable. I think it’s important during such events, that gather a lot of people, to care about the impact of the festival on the environment. Many workshops were animated to raise awareness on the issue of our tendency to waste excessively. For example, I really liked the idea of pedaling in order to charge your mobile. Of course, it took place in Paris so it looked a lot like a fashion festival – with many VIP and bloggers invited – and the flowers crowns were apparently THE accessory to wear, but it had to be handmade from the workshop. Glamour magazine offered original hairstyling but the high demand made it impossible to reach. Otherwise you could get a Shiatsu massage, ephemeral tattoos and even shop for vintage clothes. The food was amazingly tasty and varied – you could have a vegan meal at Sol Semilla – not the steak sandwich of usual circumstance and at Le Comptoir General you could have a tasty cocktails before ending up on their dance floor with Caribbean music that made us forget about the not so friendly weather. I was craving for a pissaladière from Les Nicois but unfortunately I arrived to late. There were two stages, one for electronic and an other one for instrumental music. We had the chance to see LORDE, the youngest talented artist of the moment coming from New Zealand, that gave us an amazing live performance. Jungle and Foals, the two British bands were also on stage and ended the festival in a high note. More line-up here. It was a positive experience even though I did not know many artists and I found some a bit irrelevant but my excitement was a its height with the unique presence of Lorde and I’ll definitely do it again.
We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of BergèreWe love green 2014 |The World of Bergère We love green 2014 |The World of Bergère

Camille et moi avons testé le We love green festival au Parc de Bagatalle à Paris. C’était déjà le 1er juin dernier… J’ai vraiment apprécié tous leurs efforts et leurs initiatives vertes et durables – ça m’a rappelé des évènements auxquels j’ai pu assister au Danemark ou en Norvège – mobilier et scénographie recyclés, énergie verte, fontaine d’eau de la ville, restauration locale et bio et bien sûr, le tri des déchets.  Même les toilettes étaient écolo. Je pense qu’il est important, lors d’un tel rassemblement, de penser à l’impact d’un festival sur l’environnement. De nombreux ateliers étaient animés pour attirer l’attention sur notre tendance à l’abus de gaspillage. Par exemple, j’ai beaucoup aimé l’idée de pédaler pour recharger son téléphone. Bien sûr, ça avait lieu à Paris donc ça ressemblait plus à festival de mode – avec la présence de nombreux de VIP et de blogueuses notamment – et la couronne de fleurs était apparemment L’accessoire qu’il fallait avoir, à condition qu’il soit fait à la main à l’atelier prévu à cet effet. Le magazine Glamour proposait des coiffures originales mais la forte demande rendait l’accès impossible. Sinon tu pouvais avoir un massage shiatsu, des tattoo éphémères, et même shopper des vêtements vintage. La restauration était incroyablement gouteuse et variée – notamment un repas 100% veggie chez Sol Semilla – pas le steak sandwich qui est habituellement de circonstance et au Comptoir General tu avais la possibilité de te rafraîchir d’un délicieux cocktail avant de te lancer sur la piste de danse, sur des airs de musique des caraïbes qui nous a fait oublier que le temps n’était pas si clément. Je rêvais de gouter la pissaladière de chez Les Niçois mais je suis arrivée après la bataille. Il y avait deux scènes, une électro et l’autre pour la musique “instrumentale”. On a eu la chance de voir Lorde, la plus jeune artiste talentueuse du moment qui vient tout droit de Nouvelle-Zélande, qui nous a ravie d’une performance live exceptionnelle. Jungle et Foals, les deux groupes anglais étaient aussi sur scène et ont clos le festival en beauté. More line-up here.Ce fut un expérience positive même si je ne connaissais pas beaucoup d’artistes et j’ en ai trouvé certains un peu sans rapport mais mon excitation était à son comble avec l’unique présence de Lorde et je le referais à nouveau sans problème.


Band generation

Blouse – Imperium

The Portland based band members Charlie Hilton, Jacob Portrait and Patrick Adams, formed Blouse in 2011 and just released their first album, Imperium. I discovered them while they were on a European tour with Wampire (see below) and I was in Copenhagen, at Loppen music venue, one of my favorite. Very good and unexpected musical discovery.

Hypnolove – Ghost Carnival

The famous trio – Thierry Moreira, Nicolas Sentenac and Henning Specht – that are forming Hypnolove brought us some sun from South of France with their new disco pop album, Ghost Carnival, (“Winter in the Sun” is an absolute delight) and resurfaced the happy vibes from the time when all they wanted was to dance with “Mademoiselle”.


Lilly Wood and the Prick – The Flight

You already know “Hey, it’s OK” and all of the other songs of their first album, Invicible Friends. Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto (Lilly Wood and the Prick), the cool French duo, are back this year with brand new folk pop songs to listen in the morning and start the day in a great mood (while it’s raining outside, but we ignore it!).


Soniamiki – SNMK

I read about that Polish band in the Inrocks magazine and it is with great pleasure that I introduce Soniamiki in my blog, as not so many east European musicians are mentioned nowadays in the pop electro scene.


Metronomy – Love Letters

Metronomy (Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan) are British. Two years ago, they made us swing on the “English Riviera” and it felt so good! Now they are coming back big time with two tracks already hits, “I’m Aquarius” and “Love Letters” (you know THAT video directed by Michel Gondry) and we are so impatient to get the entire album for the summer. Where are they taking us this time?


Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Chris Baio, and Chris Tomson formed Vampire Weekend in 2006 while attending Columbia University. (source Facebook) With their 2 millions something followers on Facebook, there is little more to add to introduce the NYC based band, just listen to their new album “Modern Vampires of the City”, it will bring happy vibes to your rainy everyday (it is TODAY!)

Vampire Weekend (2)

Wampire – Curiosity

Eric Phipps, Rocky Tinder, Cole Browning, Kevin Rafn and Andrew Meininger are forming Wampire, another cool band coming from Portland. I discovered them at the same time as Blouse as they were having a European tour hand in hand and I immediately fell transported by their universe, 80’s revival and kitch outfit.


Fall playlist

Arctic Monkeys

This British band have been transporting us since 2005 and they are back for our own pleasure and satisfaction with a new vibrant record “That’s What I’m Not” from which you’re already singing on and on “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”




You remember Oracular Spectacular? Everybody had it in his iTunes library and knew absolutely every song of that record. This was 2007. The two singers, originally Arts school students from Connecticut, signed a fresh, new record just to remind us that there are not “Kids” anymore.



London Grammar

The British trio released their first album “If You Wait” this year which spread fast all the way to Australia and we are already enchanted by the big-voice of the lead singer, Hannah Reid. Band to follow.




There is nothing more to add about “The three sisters from California” that haven’t been said yet. Joyful, energetic and pure pop: a perfect first album to listen in the morning to start your day in a great mood.



Natas Loves You

I discovered that French band in one of the many bars of Paris and found out with pleasure that they were already well implanted on the French musical scene. I missed their gig last week at Gaieté Lyrique so hopefully there will be many more to come.



Stars and Rabbit

Enchanting sound from Indonesia, I am glad somebody made me discover that talented young artist. It is not so often that we get to listen to music from that part of the world. And it actually transports you one way to Bali! Exotic. Check here for more sound from Indonesia.

stars and rabbit



I found out about Alexis and the Brainbow this year and I felt immediately captivated by the melody coupled with the flawless voice of the lead singer. Truth is, I met this guy before, when he was passing by the South, and he was already telling me how much music was important to him and he wouldn’t imagine his life without it. I am glad he didn’t give up on his dream, the result is more than satisfying. The band has formed in Lyon in 2012. Five mates coming from various music spheres: hip hop, electro, nothern soul, funk, afrobeat and pop. It must have been a good formula because rapidly they were invited on stage for their first gig. In February 2013, they were shining in the first part of Eugene McGuiness show. Then, it is just a succession of good luck. Selected to attend the Inrock Lab, they catched the attention of JD Beauvallet from the Inrocks magazine (you can read the article here). On top of that, they won the “Pression Live 2013” competition which aims to revel each year great new talents. An achievement since they will be performing, this fall, during the first part of a major interpret at the renowned music scene: L’Olympia (October 22)! There is no record, yet, but a movie clip is planned for the next autumn and you can listened to them (over and over again) on SoundCloud. ENJOY!


phoenix bankrupt


What?! You haven’t listened to the new album of Phoenix? Well it is just POP but it is Phoenix’s pop and if you liked their previous work, you’ll appreciate this just as much. Plus, don’t you love the album cover? It’s retrofreshcolorfulfruity, very SS13.