Change of hair style


Today I’m gonna talk to you about hair extensions, Beyoncé and Rihanna’s secret ingredient to always look so fabulous with a totally different hair style at each of their public appearances. You can really metamorphose with these and do crazy hair styles. Unfortunately it can be really expensive but I found the perfect balance between cheap and qualitative products: Addict Hair, a South based company (delivery everywhere in France), is a hair extensions specialist and sell affordable and 100% natural products. Additionally, they give you personal advices of how to chose the best shade from a wide range and provide lots of useful tutorial of how to put the extensions. It has a clip which make it very easy to use. You can of course chose your exact hair color, or like I did, a lighter one to create a tie and dye effect. I’m only wearing one band so if you have short hair and want them long, you need to purchase the “tri-brand” for a perfect and natural result. I also tried the clip-fringe, very easy to use but you need to adjust it to your face and might have to cut it at some point. Just ask a hair dresser or your mom! I am bad at creating hair styles so fortunately Julia (who can do pretty much everything) made me this beautiful fish tail.

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I’m wearing: Leather jacket Iro – Tshirt American Apparel – Jeans Topshop – Sweater vintage – Boots Zara – Headband Sage & Sauvage

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Aujourd’hui je vais vous parler d’extensions, l’ingrédient secret (ou pas) de Beyoncé et Rihanna pour avoir l’air toujours sensationnelles avec une coupe de  cheveux complètement différente à chacune de leurs apparitions. Vous pouvez réellement vous métamorphoser avec des rajouts et réaliser des coiffures délirantes. Malheureusement cela coute très cher mais j’ai trouvé le bon compromis avec des produits de qualité pour un prix imbattable: Addict Hair, une entreprise basée dans le sud (livre partout en France), est un spécialiste d’extensions capillaires et propose des produits abordables et 100% naturels. Une équipe est à votre écoute toute la journée pour vous procurer un service client optimum, des conseils personnalisés pour choisir votre teinte parmi une large palette et pleins de tutoriels pratiques pour vous expliquer comment utiliser vos extensions. Elles se posent très simplement avec des barrettes à clip intégrées. Vous pouvez bien sûr choisir votre couleur de cheveux exacte ou faire comme moi et opter pour un ton plus clair pour créer un effet tie and dye. Je porte seulement une bande donc si vous avez les cheveux courts et que vous souhaitez plus de longueur, vous devrez choisir le “tri-band” pour un résultat parfaitement naturel. J’ai aussi essayé la frange à clip qui est facile à utiliser bien que vous devrez l’adapter à votre forme de visage et serez peut-être amenées à faire quelques ajustements au ciseau (aie). Demandez de l’aide à votre coiffeur ou votre mère! Je ne suis pas une pro de la coiffure mais heureusement Julia (qui sait quasiment tout faire) m’a fait cette magnifique tresse queue de poisson.

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Je porte: Veste en cuir Iro – Tshirt American Apparel- Jeans Topshop – Pull vintage – Boots Zara – Bandeau Sage & Sauvage

beyonce_cr-fashion_extensions_the-world-of-bergere rihanna-hairstyle-extensions-braid-theworldofbergere inspiration_hairstyle_braid_theworldofbergere inspiration_hairstyle_fishtail_2_theworldofbergere inspiration_hairstyle_fishtail_theworldofbergere

Happy summer vibes

Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère InrockSummer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère InrockSummer vibes Bergère Inrock Summer vibes Bergère Inrock

SUMMER is coming! And it is by far my favorite season and time of the year. Flowers are blossoming everywhere in Paris and the city looks even more beautiful with all these colors and perfect blue sky. People are hanging out outside, they’ve waited too long for that moment! They is a happy feeling in the air and the fashionista are rejuvenating their best outfits from last summer or simply showing off their brand new stuff. No matter what, the summer dressing will always look more joyful than the winter one. It is colorful, mini, neon, floral, and mostly CROPPED! I cannot wait for it!


L’ÉTÉ arrive! Une excellent nouvelle  pour moi qui chéris plus que tout cette période de l’année. Il n’y a qu’à voir à Paris, partout les arbres sont en fleurs et il n’y a un rien de tel que de se promener dans la capitale ensoleillée sous un ciel bleu. Les gens sont sortis de chez eux, ils ont attendu ce moment trop longtemps! Il y a un sentiment de bonheur et d’apaisement dans l’air et les fashionista dépoussièrent leurs meilleures pièces de l’été dernier ou se pavanent simplement avec leurs nouvelles trouvailles. Quoi qu’il en soit, le dressing d’été aura toujours l’air plus joyeux que celui de l’hiver. Il y a de la couleur, du mini, du flashy, de l’imprimé floral, et surtout des t-shirt tout court! J’ai HÂTE!

Sources: Gypsylyps, Vanessa Mooney jewelry, HPBazaar, Dolce and Gabbana (SS13), Oracle Fox, Oh Mai Darling, American Apparel Tumblr, HPBazaar, iPhone case, HPBazaar, Dolce and Gabbana ad campaign SS14, Zara

The day before departure

IMG_0828 About a week ago, one of my BFF – which I met 4 years ago in our beloved little town in the South of France, also known as Aix-en-Provence – left our rainy-cold-in-crisis European country to fly to what you might call: OZ, Down Under, paradise, and most of all a wealthy continent: Australia! It was a spontaneous decision made when she graduated from University last September. She just reached a point in her life where she was craving for adventures and curious about the outside world, outside EU, to meet other people and experience different culture. Well done, Australia is MILES AWAY and my mornings are her evenings. You can imagine how faaaar she left! She landed in Melbourne, after a 12 hours connection in Hô Chi Minh where she was not allowed to leave the airport (ok we are lucky to have Schengen), where the average temperature is now approximately 29 degrees. I am NOT jealous at all! I just got back from Berlin where it was freezing, and I arrived in Paris where it was (still) raining. Summer is far away. Just like Maé. So if you’re wondering if she is all alone in a foreign land, not exactly. She convinced (easily) her super-comprehensive-open-minded BF to join her trip. Could this be any more perfect? No EU crisis, no political mess… just living in the SUN, on the BEACH, with lots of LOVE. But no to worry, I will also be graduated soon and I am planning to invade their little paradise and share a piece of the happy cake! We took these pictures in the street of Paris, where they spend few days just before departure. They look absolutely in love (and they are), happy and serene, ready to leave everything behind (and Maé had TONES of clothes) and start something new. Good for them, showing the good example: enjoy life, live spontaneously and have no regrets. Our Planet is beautiful and full of opportunities; don’t get stuck in a place where you feel miserable every day. Make a change. #CHANGE2014 IMG_0786(2)IMG_0792IMG_0794IMG_0799IMG_0811IMG_0832(2)IMG_0846IMG_0856The Day Before Departure | The World of BergèreIMG_0876IMG_0882IMG_0883IMG_0896IMG_0893IMG_0913IMG_0908

Blue top: COS – Pink t-shirt: American Apparel – Watch: Swatch – Silver bracelet: Ayumi jewellery