The day before departure

IMG_0828 About a week ago, one of my BFF – which I met 4 years ago in our beloved little town in the South of France, also known as Aix-en-Provence – left our rainy-cold-in-crisis European country to fly to what you might call: OZ, Down Under, paradise, and most of all a wealthy continent: Australia! It was a spontaneous decision made when she graduated from University last September. She just reached a point in her life where she was craving for adventures and curious about the outside world, outside EU, to meet other people and experience different culture. Well done, Australia is MILES AWAY and my mornings are her evenings. You can imagine how faaaar she left! She landed in Melbourne, after a 12 hours connection in Hô Chi Minh where she was not allowed to leave the airport (ok we are lucky to have Schengen), where the average temperature is now approximately 29 degrees. I am NOT jealous at all! I just got back from Berlin where it was freezing, and I arrived in Paris where it was (still) raining. Summer is far away. Just like Maé. So if you’re wondering if she is all alone in a foreign land, not exactly. She convinced (easily) her super-comprehensive-open-minded BF to join her trip. Could this be any more perfect? No EU crisis, no political mess… just living in the SUN, on the BEACH, with lots of LOVE. But no to worry, I will also be graduated soon and I am planning to invade their little paradise and share a piece of the happy cake! We took these pictures in the street of Paris, where they spend few days just before departure. They look absolutely in love (and they are), happy and serene, ready to leave everything behind (and Maé had TONES of clothes) and start something new. Good for them, showing the good example: enjoy life, live spontaneously and have no regrets. Our Planet is beautiful and full of opportunities; don’t get stuck in a place where you feel miserable every day. Make a change. #CHANGE2014 IMG_0786(2)IMG_0792IMG_0794IMG_0799IMG_0811IMG_0832(2)IMG_0846IMG_0856The Day Before Departure | The World of BergèreIMG_0876IMG_0882IMG_0883IMG_0896IMG_0893IMG_0913IMG_0908

Blue top: COS – Pink t-shirt: American Apparel – Watch: Swatch – Silver bracelet: Ayumi jewellery