Nathalie’s bag

Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère

The other day I was having lunch with Nathalie, the Swedish Parisian I met when I arrived in the capital, the one that transmitted me all her wisdom and gave me wise advices to make my life easier during my internship! It hasn’t always been easy for her either but she never gave up in pursuing her goals and now she is working in a modeling agency (can you imagine? She casts models all day, it would drive my completely mad!) just few meters away from my apartment. I like that she always dresses with brands I could never afford and that she’s always very stylish, on heels, by bike, on her way from Saint-Germain to le Marais. So chic! So when I last met her I couldn’t help but immediately notice her brand new bag from Prada tropical collection (Resort 2014), one brand that never disappointed me and always amazed me! One day I’ll have a bag from Prada…She’s also wearing a pair of sunglasses from Céline, wedges Robert Clergerie and, simple and delicate, an engagement ring Repossi Ophydienne. Congratulations!

Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère Nathalie #2 | The World of Bergère

L’autre jour je retrouvais Nathalie pour déjeuner, la suédoise parisienne que j’ai rencontré lors de mon arrivée à la capitale, celle qui m’a transmis toute sa sagesse et ses bons conseils pour rentre ma vie plus légère pendant mon stage! Ça n’a pas toujours été facile pour elle non plus mais elle n’a jamais baissé les bras pour aller au bout de ses idées. Elle travaille actuellement dans une agence de mannequin (vous imaginez? Elle recrute des modèles toute la journée, ça me rendrait complètement dingue!) à quelques mètres de mon appartement. J’aime la façon dont elle s’habille, avec des marques que je n’ai pas les moyens de m’acheter, toujours très élégante, perchées sur des hauts talons, à vélo, en route de Saint-Germain vers le Marais. Très chic! La dernière fois que je l’ai vu, j’ai tout de suite remarqué son tout nouveau sac Prada, juste parfait, de la collection tropicale (croisière 2014), une marque qui ne m’a jamais déçu et qui m’étonne toujours! Une jour j’aurais un sac Prada moi aussi… elle porte également une paire de lunettes de soleil Céline, des compensées Robert Clergerie et, simple et délicate, une bague de fiançailles Repossi Ophydienne. Félicitations!

Crop crop !

The World of BergèreDSC_0206 The World of BergèreDSC_0218b The World of Bergère The World of BergèreDSC_0265 DSC_0005

We are back in front of La Fée Nature which I talked to you about previously here. Just to show you my great findings from Zara during the sales period in Paris. When we took those pictures (end of June), it was JUST starting to feel summerish in the capital city and I couldn’t resist to undress in the streets and show my belly (you know I am obsessed!) to everybody in this cute cropped jacquard white top. Good news, the crop top is still in the spotlights of fashion next season! They have another great one right now at Zara actually. Do you do crop?

Marion and the jewels

DSC_0234 DSC_0239DSC_0245 DSC_0250 DSC_0254 DSC_0259b DSC_0274

You already know about Marion and her passion for jewels and little details that would transform any outfit into a colorful, happy ensemble. Last time she impressed me, once again, because her bracelets matched perfectly her necklaces. As well as her jacket that was in the exact same tone of her pants which, put all together, creates a beautiful fashion harmony. There is nothing to add, she is radiant. Now you can go through the links of all her findings and get your own piece of jewelry!

Outfit: Bomber – H&M
Pants – Zara
Shoes – Topshop

Jewels: Colliers tissu – Madame Melon
Collier Strass – H&M
Blesslev – Jacquie Aiche
Collier crystal – DIY

Bracelet doré – H&M
Bracelet crystal – Parfois
Bracelet corde – Bimba & Lola
Ruban acheté au portugal

Swedish clogs

DSC_0248 DSC_0256 DSC_0259 DSC_0270 DSC_0274 DSC_0285 DSC_0275 DSC_0289

I found those perfect Swedish clogs in Malmö, Sweden (a must seen city if you go to Copenhagen, only 1/2h train crossing the bridge between Denmark and Sweden). There are authentic, hand-made and cost me nothing. I kinda wished now I would have bought many other pairs! So I got this one in a natural shade last summer when I was still living in Copenhagen (miss it) and I wore it all summer. Can’t say there are super comfortable, I mean it is made of wood, but they look good with any outfit and give a perfect romantic touch. Even better to wear it with socks (not everyone would agree on that, I know). This is my favourite pair, found in H&M. Not necessary to tell you how obsessed I am with crop tops. I basically cropped all my t-shirts this year, hopefully it is still gonna be trendy the next fall! Backpack is from Friis & Company (cool Danish accessories brand) and vintage skirt.