Friendship without borders: Laura Van de Vorst


My friend Laura is the kind of person that inspires me and I’m glad we met during our studies in Copenhagen. It didn’t take us long to bound, it was obvious we had a lot in common. She appeared to me as an inconditional dreamer, an adventurer (she lived in Australia, Denmark, Holland and Italy) and optimistic with a constant smile on her beautiful face, but also a hard worker with a rather authoritarian lifestyle, at least I thought at first. You can imagine, with my typical French eating habits, I was meeting for the first time a person following the Paleo Diet: «Whaaaat? You don’t eat baguette?» Eventually she taught me all her healthy secrets, while still partying until dawn, and today I thank her for that.

After she graduated with a Master’s degree from the Copenhagen Business School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, she naturally started pursuing a degree in Nutritional Medicine. As co-founder of healthcoachFX, an Online personalized health coaching, and blogger at The Green Tribe, she aims to “inspire, empower and connect wellness-seeking warriors with simple, delicious and earth-worthy ways to live better every day”. Today, she set up home in Hamburg (where we took the pictures) with her loved one and her yoga mat and she keeps following her passion of storytelling while trying new delicious recipes to share with you on The Green Tribe.

She’s wearing a coat from Vanilia, a cool brand from Amsterdam.

Tea place: Nordlys, Goernestraße 4, 20249 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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Mon amie Laura est le genre de personne qui m’inspire et je suis heureuse que nous nous soyons rencontrées lors de nos études à Copenhague. Il ne nous a pas fallu longtemps pour s’entendre, nous avions beaucoup de similarités. Elle m’est apparue comme une inconditionnelle rêveuse, une aventurière (elle a habité en Australie, au Danemark, en Hollande et en Italie) et une réelle optimiste dotée d’un sourire constant sur son beau visage, mais c’était aussi une bosseuse avec un mode de vie plutôt autoritaire, du moins je l’ai cru au premier abord. Vous imaginez, avec mon alimentation typiquement française, je rencontrais pour la première fois une personne suivant le régime Paleo: «Whaaaat? You don’t eat baguette?» Au fil du temps, elle m’a appris tous ses secrets d’un mode de vie plus sain, tout en faisant la fête jusqu’à l’aube, et je l’en remercie aujourd’hui.

Après avoir obtenu son Master à la Copenhagen Business School en Innovation et Entrepreneuriat, c’est tout naturellement qu’elle poursuivit un diplôme de médecine nutritionnelle. En tant que co-fondatrice de healthcoachFX, un site de coaching nutritionnel personalisé, et bloggeuse pour The Green Tribe, elle a pour but d’inspirer, de valoriser et de connecter les fous de bien-être avec de simples, délicieux et respectueux moyens de vivre mieux au quotidien. Aujourd’hui elle a posé ses valises à Hambourg (où nous avons pris les photos) avec sa moitié (également un jeune entrepreneur) et son tapis de yoga et elle poursuit sa passion de narratrice tout en partageant de savoureuses recettes avec les lecteurs de The Green Tribe.

Elle porte un manteau Vanilia, une super marque d’Amsterdam.

Salon de thé: Nordlys, Goernestraße 4, 20249 Hamburg-Eppendorf

BERLIN: The Wall

Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock

Behind this photo shoot, there is a story about peace and friendship.

Last month, I was meeting my friend Tal in Berlin and we stayed at Mohamad’s place for a few days. We all know each other from an exchange study program we did a year ago in Rome, at Luiss University. What an amazing time! I feel lucky that I was able to travel during my studies. It truly opened my mind and I had the chance to meet incredible international people. I would advise anybody to do the same; there are only positive outcomes from moving.

Mohamad was born in Lebanon and he learned French in High School. So when he moved to France to do his studies, he was already fluent. One thing that amazes me about him is its multilingual skills. He can speak Arab, French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and some Hebrew. Very impressive! He lived in many different places and countries but if you’ll ask him he will tell you that France is where he feels the most “at home”. Welcome then!  Tal is from Israel – so actually she and Mohamad come from neighboring countries. I was lucky to visit her last September.  What an amazing country! It was good to see it from my own eyes (wide open) and not from the TV where only bad reflections are always coming out. Right after she finished High School, she was in the army for 2 years (mandatory in Israel). Then she spent some time in Guatemala where she did some voluntary work in an orphanage. Every time she told me stories about that period it was with sparkles in her eyes! Now she studies “Conflict Resolution” at Master level and is currently looking for a job in this field which turns out to be more complicated that she thought. No kidding, the sad reality is that war makes more job than peace! When I realized that we were going to be reunited in Berlin, a symbolic peace place, I grabbed my camera and I made my very special Libanese and Israeli friends pose for me as there is no better example of what life should look like in the Middle East. A united place, beyond boarders and religions. If only men could find a way to make peace in their heart…

Berlin The Wall Bergère InrockBerlin The Wall Bergère InrockBerlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère InrockBerlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock IMG_1115 Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock IMG_1120 Berlin The Wall Bergère Inrock Berlin The Wall Bergère InrockBerlin The Wall Bergère Inrock