BERLIN: Aunt Benny

Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock

During my last visit in Berlin, I wanted to try the breakfast/lunch at Aunt Benny because I read an article about it in the famous lifestyle blog – Stil in Berlin – and it looked like a place for me! Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A very cozy atmosphere that reminded me of Copenhagen’s coffee places, friendly staff and various choices of delicious pastries, toasted bagels and sandwiches with homemade cream cheese or spread chocolate hazelnut. Yum! I could have stayed all day seating there, just reading, relaxing and enjoying a tasty meal. Turns out there is twin bar called the Antlered Bunny where they serve cocktails until 2 a.m. I should try it next time! So if you live in Berlin or you are going there soon, make sure to stop by Aunt Benny to start your day in a great mood, sensational coffee guaranteed!

Aunt Benny – Oderstrasse 7 – 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain

Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock
IMG_1014Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock Berlin Aunt Benny Bergère InrockBerlin Aunt Benny Bergère Inrock

Five things #2

Five things I really love right now: emma-watson-headshot

At the last Golden Globes Awards, we’ve seen Emma Watson on the red carpet wearing an astonishing backless red dress from Dior. But what really caught my eyes was her “discreet” Dior pearl earring, also known as “the lone lob” earring. I absolutely love that simple piece of jewelery. Paula Cademartori

Over the last two fashion weeks, fashionistas have been carrying the Paula Cademartori colorful bags and it didn’t go unnoticed! In fact, there is a true originality in each pieces with unique color assemblage. The designer has been studying in Brasil and now lives in Italy, now I understand where the exoticism come from.

Each season, Prada amazes me with more original advertising campaign. It is one thing to print ad in the magazines and make it visually artistic, but the brand also masters the new media and has a strong digital presence using as main support, YouTube. Here you can see the colorfulness of their Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaign. It’s powerful and catching attention, perfect combination to make people want to share your content on social media. quinoa-chia-porridge-with-stone-fruit04

Recently I have changed my eating habits (because winter killed me) and became aware of new ingredients beneficial for me that you don’t find in “traditional” food. I’ve started looking for vegetarian recipes and I found this amazing blog : Tales of a Kitchen is the kind of digital place where you want to spend each of your meals and ask Chris to teach you how to cook like him (or just move to Australia). It looks so healthy and tasty. It is full of flavors, colors, original addition of ingredients and basically everything to make you feel powerful and fit. No the vegetarians are not sad and boring people!

4 - close distance, 2002 anders petersen

Anders Petersen is THE photographer of the year. Born in Sweden in 1944, he became well known with the photographic story Café Lehmitz (1975) and kept on the successful path. He won four prices including best photographer of the year in 2003 at Les Rencontres d’Arles. I went to see his exhibition at BnF in Paris this year and I had a huge crush on his work.