Few hours before my official departure to the oposite side of the world – Santiago (de Chile), the first stop of my South American trek, I wanted to share with you this beautiful serie that we made with Bayéré at the library Francois Mitterrand on a very bright and springish day. This buildings have been captivating my thoughts for quite some times and I wanted to do this photo shoot at BnF before I left. I chose a very minimalistic outfit, a simple crop top and a high waist skirt which is just enough for this futuristic settings.

Because troubles always show up at the best timing, my laptop died right before I’m about to leave for one year! But I swear, I will do everything I can to find a new one quickly to share with you my crazy adventures in South America. Love you guys, see you soon!

Photo credit Bayéré Z., a talented student whom I met in my photography class of the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de Paris.
Look: Top Zara – Skirt vintage – Boots & Other Stories – Lipstick Bourgeois Velvet fini mat – Earrings & Other Stories
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A quelques heures de mon départ pour Santiago (du Chili), premier stop de mon périple en Amérique Latine, je tenais à partager cette très belle série réalisée à la Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand avec Bayéré lors d’une belle journée printanière. Cela faisait un moment que je pensais à faire un shooting à la BnF dont la grandeur des immeubles avoisinants m’ont conquise. J’ai choisi une tenue très minimaliste, un simple crop top et une jupe taille haute suffisent à ce décor aux allures futuristes.

Parce que les emmerdes arrivent toujours aux bons moments, je n’ai plus d’ordi jusqu’à nouvel ordre mais je vous promets d’en trouver un rapidement pour partager avec vous mes folles aventuras latinas. Je vous aime, à bientôt!

Crédit photo Bayéré Z, une élève talentueuse rencontrée aux cours de photographie des Ateliers des Beaux Arts de Paris.

Look: Top Zara – Jupe vintage – Bottines & Other Stories – Rouge à lèvres Bourgeois Velvet fini mat – Boucles d’oreilles & Other Stories

Lost in the woods


A very spontaneous shooting with my friend Paulette who always inspire and amuse me with her colorful and original outfits. We were looking for a deep and dark forest but all we could find was a little wood nearby. What I really appreciate since I got back to the South is the constant dazzling light. I asked her to act like she was lost, with no cellphone reception, just a magnificent sun. Yes, we’re having fun in Aix!

Sweater ZARA – Pants ZARA – Shoes PULL AND BEAR – Socks CALZEDONIA – Sunnies vintage

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Last days in Paris


Since my first experience abroad as a student when I was 20, I never stopped moving in and out which can be pretty exhausting when you have a shopping addiction. Tones of accumulated «stuff» that I had to carry around with me every time I’d change place and I should thank my parents for their extreme generosity and patience during those times! After I graduated last August, I felt confused and unsure about the future but one thing I knew is that I wanted to travel more, «see the world». While a friend of mine was experiencing the high competition of bagpackers in Australia, I chose a spanish-speaking country to improve the language. Turns out France only has one working-holidays program agreement and that is with Argentina. It didn’t take long to make up my mind and tell my parents about my new idea. Oops! Sorry, it’s gonna another year of exploration. With half of my friends currently unemployed, I felt it was a good plan considering the circumstances. Of course I’m gonna miss my friends and family, as always, but sometimes it’s worth the pain. During my last days in Paris the weather was divine and as the sun was warming us up, Julia and I decided to go to the Père Lachaise graveyards. We both acknowledged that we’ve actually never been there! Better late than never right? I’m wearing a coat from Surface to Air, an off-white pearl sweater from And Other Stories, a 100% Vintage Levi’s boyfriend jeans (similar here) I had to patch up because it’s falling appart, striped socks from Monki and of course my favorite pair of sneakers at the moment (idea I stole from Lorna), the all-white Adidas Superstar, so comfortable I want them in every colors!

Thank you Julia for the beautiful pictures.


Depuis ma première expérience en tant qu’étudiante à l’étranger, je n’ai pas arrêté de bouger à droite et à gauche ce qui peut s’avérer épuisant surtout lorsque l’on a une sévère addiction au shopping. Des tonnes de «choses» accumulées que j’ai du me trimbaler d’un endroit à un autre à chaque déménagement et je remercie mes parents pour leur extrême générosité et leur patience durant ces années! Lorsque j’ai finalement achevé mes études en août dernier, j’ai eu le sentiment de ne pas savoir vraiment où aller ni quoi faire… mais j’avais la certitude de vouloir voyager davantage afin d’explorer le monde qui m’entoure. Alors qu’une amie se retrouva au milieu d’une forte concentration de «backpackers» et d’une compétition accrue en Australie, je choisis un pays hispanophone pour me perfectionner dans la langue. Il se trouve que la France n’a actuellement qu’un seul accord en visa vacances-travail, celui avec l’Argentine. Il ne m’a pas fallu longtemps pour me décider et annoncer cette nouvelle idée à mes parents. Pas vraiment emballés, nous nous sommes quand même entendus en dressant le constat d’un marché du travail vraiment trop instable. Quand j’y pense c’est dur car mes proches vont beaucoup me manquer mais il faut parfois faire des sacrifices et se donner la chance d’atteindre ses objectifs. J’ai passé mes derniers jours à Paris avec un temps magnifique et, réchauffées par le soleil, Julia et moi décidions de nous rendre au cimetière du Père Lachaise en avouant que ni l’une ni l’autre n’y avions jamais mis les pieds. Mieux vaut tard que jamais non? Je porte un manteau Surface to Air, un sweat blanc cassé brodé de perles &Other Stories, un jean Levi’s 100% vintage (un similaire ici) que j’ai du rafistoler car il tombait un morceaux, des chaussettes rayées Monki et bien sûr ma paire de sneakers préférées du moment (dont j’ai piqué l’idée à Lorna), les Adidas Superstar all-white, tellement confortables que je les voudrais dans toutes les couleurs!

Merci Julia pour ces belles photos.

The Art School


The other day I took the regional train and I left central Paris for the suburbs! What an adventure! Somewhere in the North West there is a little town called Cergy and the municipality decided that it was the perfect place to settle Universities, for the best interest, of course, of the lucky students that now have to endure a daily public transportation time of approximately one hour (one way) to reach their study place. Another way to say that it really requires a lot of motivation to go to lessons (in addition to that…)! My friend, Najma, is one of them. She studies at the National School of Art to become, well, an Artist. I love her for that. When she finished high school, nobody put pressure on her to study medicine, law or business. As a matter of fact, next to the Art building, you can find the famous Business School, ESSEC, ranked no. 2 in France, right after HEC. That’s another way to approach life. So, Najma decided to follow her instinct, her dreams and passion and, four years later, she is now a Master student that dedicates her time to “making Art”. And she is incredibly talented. You see, Art can be interpreted many ways, and that’s where it gets tricky, abstract and for people like me, confusing. Especially contemporary Art. I get lost for sure. The only thing I can relate to is a painting of Cezanne or Matisse. So when I visited the Art School, I was surprised that nobody was holding a pencil! Instead, I found all sort of workman tools such as drills, saws, press, hammer… and they were sanding, cutting and gluing pieces together. Of course my favorite place where the photo lab, where you can do all of the developing process yourself in the dark room. I would love to learn how to do that!

So what does the art student actually do? He goes to lessons, of course, there is always a theoretical part in every field. But most of his valuable time, he spends it in the Atelier where he actually does something with its hands. The fun part. Since January, Najma shares the Atelier with three guys and it is quite a team! Najma: “They manage to bring seriousness and, at the same time, casualness in the life of the workshop, which makes working alongside with them very enjoyable. They do not hesitate to lend a hand, even when you’re not soliciting them. They each have a great “expertise”, primarily sculpture, which I find very interesting.”

While I was there, I really wanted to capture the special bond between them and the happy atmosphere of the workshop. They spend so much time together in a rather “small” place; they look like a little family. I really like the idea of community in studying which reminds me a little bit of group work back then when I was a student myself (which I still am, but in a writing phase only). But it feels different; they look much more involved in something they actually love. Something I didn’t always feel during my studies. Now to talk a little bit about Najma’s personal work, “modularity” is at the heart of her work: “My approach is strongly influenced by space. I have great interest in architecture and the modular is my central them. In personal care where storage space is limited, or nonexistent, I try to create forms that can still be spread as much as be restricted. A reminder to childhood may be visible in my work, while keeping a certain distance; it does not become playful for all.”

I met Najma through interposed person, and we became really good friends throughout the year I just spent in Paris.  She was born in Morocco but has been living in Paris since teenagehood. I find her radiant especially when she smiles. She is one the most generous and devoted person I know, you can always count on her and she is always in for a party, and enjoying life in general. It’s actually her birthday this month. It’s gonna be a happy one!

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Some of Najma’s work:


“Sans titre #1  (2013) : modules en plâtre (moulage de boîtes d’oeuf  puis assemblé) sont  un projet qui rappel le plus l’enfance, puisqu’ils ont l’aspect d’un jeu de construction (lego).  La boîte d’œuf était la forme la plus convenable pour permettre un bon emboîtement des modules. La partie supérieur de l’installation reste ouverte (aucun élément vient refermer l’assemblage) d’autres modules peuvent alors être ajoutés. Un protocole peut alors être présenté ainsi, à chaque fois que cette installation est présentée, un module doit être ajouté, un work in progress.”

Najma Darouich (sol modulable 2013)

“Le sol modulable (2013) sont des éléments qui viennent supplanter l’espace dans lequel ils sont installés. C’est un travail que je souhaite développer à l’avenir. D’autre espace que le sol soit modifié, tel que les murs, les plafonds, mais aussi ajouter d’autres volumes intérieurs. Avec ce projet je modifie le sol, en lui apportant des hauteurs différentes avec des pleins et des vides, j’augmente ainsi l’attention du marcheur vers le bas.” (Références Hans Was Heiri de Zimmermann et De Perrot)
Najma Daroucih(Anvers 2013)

“Le projet à Anvers (2013) est une découpe du plan architectural du lieu dans lequel la résidence a été faite, dans des planches de bois de tailles différentes. Ces dernières sont assemblées dans des combinaisons diverses venant ainsi ponctuer l’espace extérieure de la fondation (plusieurs hectares). Le plan est ainsi modifié et la vision de l’espace aussi.” (Références présentes dans la fondation : Aeneas Wilder et Jason Von der Woude)

Five things #2

Five things I really love right now: emma-watson-headshot

At the last Golden Globes Awards, we’ve seen Emma Watson on the red carpet wearing an astonishing backless red dress from Dior. But what really caught my eyes was her “discreet” Dior pearl earring, also known as “the lone lob” earring. I absolutely love that simple piece of jewelery. Paula Cademartori

Over the last two fashion weeks, fashionistas have been carrying the Paula Cademartori colorful bags and it didn’t go unnoticed! In fact, there is a true originality in each pieces with unique color assemblage. The designer has been studying in Brasil and now lives in Italy, now I understand where the exoticism come from.

Each season, Prada amazes me with more original advertising campaign. It is one thing to print ad in the magazines and make it visually artistic, but the brand also masters the new media and has a strong digital presence using as main support, YouTube. Here you can see the colorfulness of their Spring/Summer 2014 advertising campaign. It’s powerful and catching attention, perfect combination to make people want to share your content on social media. quinoa-chia-porridge-with-stone-fruit04

Recently I have changed my eating habits (because winter killed me) and became aware of new ingredients beneficial for me that you don’t find in “traditional” food. I’ve started looking for vegetarian recipes and I found this amazing blog : Tales of a Kitchen is the kind of digital place where you want to spend each of your meals and ask Chris to teach you how to cook like him (or just move to Australia). It looks so healthy and tasty. It is full of flavors, colors, original addition of ingredients and basically everything to make you feel powerful and fit. No the vegetarians are not sad and boring people!

4 - close distance, 2002 anders petersen

Anders Petersen is THE photographer of the year. Born in Sweden in 1944, he became well known with the photographic story Café Lehmitz (1975) and kept on the successful path. He won four prices including best photographer of the year in 2003 at Les Rencontres d’Arles. I went to see his exhibition at BnF in Paris this year and I had a huge crush on his work.