Lost in the woods


A very spontaneous shooting with my friend Paulette who always inspire and amuse me with her colorful and original outfits. We were looking for a deep and dark forest but all we could find was a little wood nearby. What I really appreciate since I got back to the South is the constant dazzling light. I asked her to act like she was lost, with no cellphone reception, just a magnificent sun. Yes, we’re having fun in Aix!

Sweater ZARA – Pants ZARA – Shoes PULL AND BEAR – Socks CALZEDONIA – Sunnies vintage

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Sunny Sunday

Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock

It happens in Paris that it is not always raining but now and then, the sun comes out and might actually shine for several days in a row. During those rare and exceptional moments, you must go out and enjoy the sun like a blessing, a reward for the long waiting months of previous shitty weather. Paris suddenly bursts and you realize how many people actually live inside the city (and in the near areas). It becomes a true hive of activity and suddenly you starts regretting those times when you were almost walking “alone” in the streets, may it rain! You are all aware of the high pollution state we reached last week. It was everywhere in the news, the city was compared to Shanghai and some quick measures were taken before the elections (happening today) to show the good example: free public transports for 4 days and one day of alternating traffic. What an environmental breakthrough! Anyway, my friend and I decided to meet for a picnic at Champs de Mars, just by the Eiffel Tower because sometimes we forget that we actually live in a wonderfully rich city, just thinking about the architecture and history. I love the Eiffel Tower, every time I see it I get sentimental! I just got a new bike (because the last one got stolen) and a brand new pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs and I thought it was the perfect day to take them out for a ride (not particularly comfortable to bike with those but never mind!) The jacket/teddy/bomber, however you want to call it, is an unexpected finding from Bershka in Berlin. It was so incredibly on sale that I felt obligated to buy it. Plus I’ve always wanted a cool teddy. And it says “Junior” in the back. And it is my favorite color! The t-shirt and jeans are from Top Shop in Israel (shopping is always part of my travels!). I love the high-waisted/90’s style of the MOM jeans. You might have recognized the velvet sunnies from previous post, the perfect pair of Italian sunglasses I found during my exchange study in Rome (good times). And the cute little socks are from H&M. Always wearing socks with my clogs!

Merci à Julia pour les photos ❤ Vous pouvez revoir son article ici

Sunny Sunday Bergère Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock ISunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock Sunny Sunday Bergere Inrock